Do your work in the vicinity of a great artist. Filming, photographing, interviewing. During those activities, there were sufficient moments to exchange ideas about “the work” and his way of working. That started with an idea and then followed a detailed sketch plan. During the life of Poen de Wijs I received a folder full of sketches. Only recently have I looked at these sketches in detail and looked up the final pieces.

The iBook “First Sketch” was previously released and was well received. That is why I am now working on a sequel. Poen was careful. Next to the drawing are information such as colour choice, dimensions, etc. Moreover, the sketches themselves are also beautiful to see and to frame. The best thing, however, is to see the sketch and the final result on canvas side by side. To give you an impression of the new iBook, here is a “first impression”.

Sleeping Lady Poen de Wijs Final artwork
Dame met Kimono Poen de Wijs
Dame met Kimono Poen de Wijs Final

In the new iBook, I also go back to the first sketches Poen ever made. Of those beautiful, yellowed drawings…. All sketches are scanned in the highest image resolution. To display them in the iBook as detailed as possible. I also included Poen’s notes with a number of sketches. The new book contains sketches of almost all important pieces of work

 that Poen de Wijs actually realized. It varies from the watercolours, oil and acrylic paint workpieces. In January 2021 there will be an exhibition of his work in Musion in Amersfoort. Sketches will certainly not be missing there.

All images are copyrighted by Vijlbrief Media / John Vijlbrief

Liggende vrouwen Poen de Wijs schets
Liggende vrouwen Poen de Wijs 2
Dame in gewaad schets Poen de Wijs
Dame in gewaad Poen de Wijs

All images: copyright by Vijlbrief Media / John Vijlbrief