Why should you buy a high-quality fine art reproduction?
After all, at the many online art auctions, you buy some unknown art for less money. True. However, not a painting by Poen de Wijs or Marion van Nieuwpoort! Perhaps a lithograph…

And if you come across an original artwork by Poen or Marion, you will pay considerably more than what I ask for it. Consider that print and technology is so far that with Dibond print the so unique fine painting style of Poen de Wijs is beautifully and accurately displayed. On this website, I offer high-quality reproductions of Poen & Marion. A Dibond is a great alternative. And very affordable. No more and certainly no less!

What is so exclusive and of great added value?
Poen & Marion’s work has never been reproduced before. Only after the death of the painter of Realism Poen de Wijs can I, as the authorized dealer, offer the collection as high-quality fine art.

Beautifully and accurately displayed
What you buy on this site are the very first high-quality reproductions from the painters’ collections. Numbered and provided with the seal and signature “John Vijlbrief Authorized Dealer Poen de Wijs & Marion van Nieuwpoort Reproduction Collections”.

Logging the Art
After the sale, the number of the limited edition will be added to our P&M logbook. It’s therefore not the case that hundreds of duplicates are made of each art piece. Exclusivity is paramount. And that remains my policy.
I offer you that guarantee!

Great choice!
A Dibond reproduction is an excellent and affordable alternative to an original work of art by Poen and/or Marion.



Size and series
Poen de Wijs and his wife Marion van Nieuwpoort painted all kinds of art in series with specific themes. You can collect these series/themes and decide how you want to hang them on your wall(s). The size of the art is important here. You can hang a series of 4 art pieces next to each other or in a square. See example ‘The Four Elements. You determine the size of each work. The art can be tailor-made for your situation.

Recommended series
The four elements: fire, earth, air and water (see below). The four seasons; Out of Africa; Musicians; Cultures; Sea, dunes and seagulls; The wind; Reunion; Child’s play; Nude; The three Graces; Venus; Young people; Pets: Cats & Dogs.

Kustlijnen-I - olieverf op doek - 100X100 cm - 1991
Noordzee-II - olieverf op doek - 100X100 cm - 1991
Texel-VI - aquarel en pastel - 50X70 cm
Texel-II - aquarel en pastel - 50X70 cm_edited-1