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Marion van Nieuwpoort kunstschilder
Brief Marion van Nieuwpoort

Marion van Nieuwpoort, painter of figurative expressionism, was born in 1950 in The Hague and died in 2008. She lived and worked in here and was married to the painter of Realism Poen de Wijs. Marion graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in this royal city. In her work, initially watercolour and pastel technique, later oil paint and also lithography, she showed from her debut a predilection for human figure in a colourful environment.

With a preference for art that depicts dance. The travels she has made since 1990 through Africa / Kenya have been reflected in paintings and iBooks about the country with its impressive nature, wild animals, Masai dancers and African musicians. Her oeuvre comprises about 500 pieces. Some of them are also suitable for interior design. View part of the collection.

Balancer geschilderd door Marion van Nieuwpoort
Racing Elephant painted by Marion van Nieuwpoort
Marion van Nieuwpoort Bare footed High Heels
Luipaard geschilderd Marion van Nieuwpoort
Indonesia Sawahs Marion van Nieuwpport art

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